The Great Adventure of Riding a Hot Air Balloon


You might have seen pictures or show where hot air balloons are taken up in the air and you might be wondering what it feels like to be up there.  A plane ride cannot compare to a hot air balloon ride since plane rides confines you to a small space with a small window, and yes, you are airborne but you don’t even feel the air around you.  If you ride a plane, you cannot say you experience flying since you can’t feel it at all and you are confined in a place with many people, noisy engines, and high speed.  Hot air balloon rides at are completely different.

One of the great things you can experience in a hot air balloon ride is seeing the world like a bird does, literally, a bird’s eye view.  Then you can understand what it is like to be a bird and with great emotion that birds don’t have.  If there are birds around you then you can fly with them which is a really great experience.  If you enjoy plane rides, then what greater enjoyment you can have in a hot air balloon ride because you can feel the air in your skin and you can see the world underneath with all its beauty and majesty.  And even if you are afraid of heights, phoenix hot air balloon rides give you a calm feeling.  Everything is so subtle and easy going.  It gives you a very relaxing feeling.  Since there is no ruggedness anywhere in a hot air balloon ride, thrill seekers might be discouraged to try it, but they will soon find out once they are up there that this is a different kind of thrill in a more tranquil setting.

People of all ages or all walks of life, even those who are afraid of heights, can enjoy a hot air balloon ride.  Families can enjoy a great time riding in a hot air balloon and seeing all the natural wonders around them.  Newlywed couples can have a romantic getaway in a hot air balloon.  With the breathtaking backdrop, you can successfully make a proposal to your special someone in a hot air balloon.  This dreamy balloon ride can be the perfect venue for that proposal.  Schoolchildren can take an excursion with a hot air balloon ride on the side.  This is one educational balloon ride where children can learn about gravity, hot air balloons, and nature in general.  You can greatly enjoy a hot air balloon ride with good company.  Riding it with your group of friends can be filled with fun and laugher.

 There is something magical in a hot air balloon ride.  It is a great experience to be flying around without no protective walls around you.  For more facts about hot air balloons, visit this website at


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